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Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto is a major international practice with a record of delivering acclaimed projects all over the world. Fuksas studios are multidisciplinary offices including: architects, urban planners, designers, landscape architects, multimedia section and a fully equipped model laboratory where more than 10 architects work.

FUKSAS is renowned for his artistic and painterly freedom with which he first addresses a project. At first he is an imagist - one who is able to liberate the seeds of his first ideas into an explosion of line and colour, seemingly without effort, between the mechanical processes of the mind to the hand, which for most is a source of dilution in design. His inspiration is consistently diverse as is his detailed personal awareness of experience that results in a parallel obviousness to functionality. It is in this way that he succeeds as both artist and a builder.

As architect he is interested in PROCESS in TRANSFORMATIONS.

He is absorbed by the communication and representation of ideas, from sketches to models, models to drawings, and drawings to built form.

He differentiates between the exciting immediacy of "process" and the stagnant predictability evoked by the word "progress". Bored of the chronological linearity expected to a finite and static end result. This smacks of the modern scientific era which has long passed. Our world has transformed into one which has multiple inputs, one which changes according to data flows, as unpredictable as that of water.

Clients recognise that our practice consistently produce innovative architecture with new construction techniques, low costs and respected schedules. Part of the components of architecture is to be inventive and strive for new creative ways of solving problems. Thus, each project deserves to evolve from its peculiar circumstances and take on an appropriate form in response to the brief, location, social requirements, environment, function and urban context.

Massimiliano Fuksas is a multi-disciplinary international practice comprising architects, urban planners, designers, landscape architects, a multimedia team and a fully equipped modelling workshop wherein more than 15 architects work full time. Over 100 employees from all over the world work for the firm.

The offices are organised into several departments and project-groups with further divisions into fixed project-orientated studio spaces. Long period projects run with a base of a fixed lead and tailor made design staff structure.

An additional flexible staff pool is always available for special tasks, such as deadlines, guaranteeing flexible staff-requirements.

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